Monster High Birthday Party Supplies

Monster high party supplies Monster High Birthday Party Supplies

Official Monster High birthday party supplies are finally here which will come as great news for all Monster High fans out there and parents that have been looking for Monster High party supplies for some time. Now Frankie, Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Draculaura and the rest of the freakishly fabulous gang can join you as you celebrate your birthday. Since the shows air on the web and occasionally on Nickelodeon, girls have fallen in love with students of Monster High who also happen to be related to Famous Monsters. So it should come as no surprise really if your daughter wants to celebrate their birthday in a slightly more ghoulish fashion by having a Monster High birthday party.

Featured on this site is a variety of official and custom Monster High party supplies you can use to throw the greatest Monster bash ever.

For all your Monster High party supplies such as plates, cups, napkins, decorations and more, we would recommend buying a Monster High party supplies pack as these pre-packaged party supplies packs save you time and money.

Monster High Birthday Party Invitations

Monster High invitations 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies To start off with you’ll want to send out some Monster High party invitations to your guests to let them know you’re throwing a freakishly fabulous birthday party. There are official Monster High party invitations now available as part of the new Monster High party supplies.  These Invites feature a picture of Frankie Stein, the Monster high emblem and the words “You’re in bited”. They also come with hot pink envelopes and cute Monster High envelope seals.

Another great place to look for Monster High party invitations is EBay. A lot of sellers make awesome custom invitations and Monster high party supplies there. If you want Monster High birthday invites which are a little different you’re going to find it there and if you can’t, most sellers will take requests to specially personalize or customize birthday invitations to your liking.


Monster High Birthday Party  Favors

Monster High favors 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies For your Monster High party favors, there are prefilled Monster High favor purses available which your guests will totally love. The pink and black argle favor purses sold as part of official Monster High party supplies comes with roll-on body glitter, pastel gel pen, glitter bracelet, cell phone notepad, neon nail polish, and an assorted lip gloss ring. Which is quite a nice selection of goodies don’t you think.  You’ll also find a number of awesome customized Monster High party favors at EBay. Some of the Monster High party favors you can expect to find there include Monster High pencils, Monster high candy wrappers, Monster High hair clips, Monster High bottle cap necklaces, printable Monster High favor labels and tags and much more.

Monster High Birthday Cake

Monster High cake 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies To decorate your Monster High cake there are a number of ways to go about it as there are plenty of official and unofficial Monster high party supplies available that you can use to make a creeparific Monster High cake. For instance you may decide to simply use Monster High birthday cake candles to top of your cake. These are officially licensed and come as four in a pack, each candle specially molded to represent something Monster High.

Another great way to decorate your Monster High party cake is to us edible cake images. Found on Ebay is a number of Monster High edible cake images that you can lay on any cake to make it look the part in seconds.

If you prefer Monster High cupcakes you’ll find a variety of awesome Monster High cupcake toppers and decorations there too. In fact EBay sellergretchens_shop features a listing for Monster High cupcake toppers, picks and wraps ideal for decorating your Monster High cupcakes.

Monster High Tableware

Monster high tableware 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies If you already have a few bits and pieces for your party, you might be looking for specific Monster High tableware just to add the finishing touches to your table set up. Before laying on any dinnerware it’s always a good idea to decorate your party table a little and for this there is a Monster High tablecover which matches perfectly with the rest of the Monster High party supplies. Another great way to decorate your party table would be to use the Monster High centrepiece and to position it beautifully in the middle of your table. Once you have these in place, it’s just a case of adding your Monster High party plates, cups, napkins and cutlery to complete the setup.

Monster High Birthday Party Decorations

Monster High decorations 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies To set the right scene for the Monster Mayhem that is sure to take place, you’ll need some great Monster High party decorations. You could use official Monster High party supplies such as the Monster High Mylar balloons. There are two styles currently available, one features Frankie Stein and is square shaped and the other is the Monster High Skull emblem. A good way to present your party balloons is to create bouquets by using one or two Mylar balloons and bunching them together with some plain colored balloons that match your Monster High party theme. Other Monster High party decorations available that you may want to use to decorate your party include the Monster High birthday banner, Monster High hanging decorations, Monster High party streamers and Monster High confetti. With these Monster High party decorations you’ll have no problem in creating the perfect party atmosphere.

Monster High Party Games and Crafts

monster high games2 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies Of course you’ll need some activities to keep your guests or should we say ghouls entertained. So firstly grab yourself one of these skull piñatas available from Amazon. There is not an official Monster High piñata available, which is surprising considering the amount of great Monster High party supplies released already but if you really want everything matching your Monster High birthday party, we’ve found a custom Monster High pull string piñata from EBay.

Also print off these free Monster High coloring pages and have them beside each guests place with some crayons. The younger fans of Monster High will particularly enjoy coloring in their favorite characters.

Other Monster High party games and activities we think would work great with your Monster High party theme include the Shrinky Dinks Monster lab game which consists of 50 shrinky Dink monsters kids can have fun coloring, shrinking, and baking. Each child can have one, two or perhaps three monsters depending on how many guests you’re expecting, in which they can build and make as ugly, creepy or gruesome as they want.

Monster High Birthday Gifts

Monster high merchandise 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies Since your theme is Monster High it’s only right to stick to that theme with birthday presents she’ll love.  There really is a variety of cool gifts to choose from considering how much Monster High merchandise available. The number one gift any Monster High fan will be dying for has got to be one of the Monster High dolls that are so very popular. If they have a few already, you can never go wrong by adding another doll and if they have a favorite character the good news is there are many series of dolls for every most characters that have been released. You could also surprise them with accessories for the dolls they already have in their possession. Other cool Monster High themed ideas include Monster High t-shirts and clothing, Monster High journals and diaries or even the Monster High video game.


Monster High Costumes

Monster High costumes 150x150 Monster High Birthday Party Supplies It’s her birthday and she’s gotta look the part, so let her pick out a favorite outfit or Monster High costume and be a Monster High teen for the day. There are costumes available for characters like Frankie, Clawdeen, Ghoulia, Lagoona, Draculaura and much more. Aside from being the perfect dressing for her birthday, she can use it as a Halloween costume when it comes round to that time of year.


Monster HighParty Planners

It seems Draculaura and Frankie are trying to plan birthday parties too. Find out what happens…

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